Exceeding Expectations with a Technology Solution that Works

By Hayley Bell on May 6, 2021


“I was surprised to see we had double the orders, and it’s because the OMG stores were so easy for our customers to navigate”
Terri Millmeyer
Account Executive // HALO Branded Solutions

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Since starting her journey in the promotional products industry over 30 years ago, Terri Millmeyer, HALO Account Executive, has always understood the powerful impact that branded items can have on a company’s success. She works with a diverse range of companies with different needs, including multiple hospitals and medical centers in San Antonio, as well as technology and cloud-based businesses.

As someone who is more than just an “order-taker,” Terri’s motivation stems from helping accounts hone in on target markets and identify expectations for a promotional campaign. She is always looking for easy eCommerce solutions, so her customers can quickly order logoed merchandise and apparel.


Terri was trying to find the best solution for a wide range of businesses with different needs. Initially, she operated in an “old-fashioned” way, filling out paper flyers, before partnering with SAGE for her customer’s eCommerce needs.

While working with this platform, it was difficult for Terri to manage and fulfill her orders due to the limited number of reports available with little information to utilize. Plus, there was too much back and forth dialogue with a SAGE store build specialist on updating logos and making edits, delaying the launch date of her customers’ stores.

As the company continued to grow, Terri needed an eCommerce solution that kept up with her customer’s demands, provided detailed data, and would streamline the store building process.

Keys to Success


Increase orders and build trust with a positive ordering experience.


Make profitable business decisions powered by data and analysis.


Respond to any client need with easy online stores that are quick to create.


By switching to OMG’s eCommerce platform, Terri was able to build stores and fulfill orders in a timely manner without the headache of back and forth communication and limited resources. The transition of moving her customers’ stores over to the OMG platform was simple and smooth, so she could focus on other important aspects of her business. When it came to editing the store, such as a logo’s size and color, Terri could easily make her edits without having to wait on artwork mockups from store build specialists.

In addition, Terri began to track cost codes with OMG’s resources, as well as follow the success of her customers’ stores by accessing detailed reports. By having this useful data readily available, Terri could offer more to her customers and deliver the best buyer experience possible.




More profitable with OMG Stores

Stores opened in 60 days 

Years in the industry


When Terri moved her customers’ stores over to the OMG platform, she noticed the stores were 2x more profitable than when on the SAGE platform. The success of these online stores was partly due to the positive feedback received from customers in regards to the stores simple navigation and overall effectiveness.

When monitoring the stores’ end results, Terri could access the OMG dashboard and analyze statistics that showed her what was working, who to target next, and what to do differently for her next customer’s store build. By switching her accounts over to OMG, Terri offered a flexible, turn-key solution that exceeded expectations and maximized her return on investment.

“OMG and HALO work really well together. They are committed to making our day-to-day easier with ample data to utilize and user-friendly reporting options”
Terri Millmeyer
Account Executive // HALO Branded Solutions

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