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By Hayley Bell on March 24, 2021


“OMG has been a game-changer for us in a great way, and it has really upped our sales. People reach out a lot thanking us for the online stores because they create such a positive customer experience.”
Tami Seifert
Vice President // LongWeekend Sportswear

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LongWeekend Sportswear is a wholesale screen printing and embroidery business that has served the Minnesota Lakes Country for over 20 years. Fusing art with technology, LongWeekend excels at bringing designs and brands to life. The full-service company services a variety of accounts, ranging from school Teams and clubs to corporations and local bars. Despite being a small business, the LongWeekend Team has grown the business into a $1.3M company.


The biggest challenge LongWeekend faced was around orders placed by schools and Teams. Every coach had a different setup, the handwriting on order forms was often illegible leading to misspelled names, and LongWeekend had a difficult time getting paid. It was a frustrating and error-prone experience for everyone. However, the Team had a vision to implement technology to improve the customer experience. They had talked about providing an eCommerce solution for a while, but were concerned they needed to carry inventory to make that work. That is until they found OMG.


Sales growth in last 3 years


Online stores opened since 2016


Orders placed since 2016

THE SOLUTIONSpirit Wear Sample Online Store - OrderMyGear

LongWeekend decided to partner with OMG and introduced online pop-up stores to their workflow to expand their offering and simplify the ordering process. The online stores were such a hit with the schools and Teams LongWeekend worked with that they soon began offering them to other accounts.

“The coaches love it because the ordering is simple – they don’t have to mess with it – and we handle servicing and sorting the Team’s order,” Tami commented. “We love it because there is much less room for error and it’s easier to keep track of the products as they move through the fulfillment process.” Parents and other end-consumers even reach out to the LongWeekend Team to thank them for the online stores because of how easy it is to place an order.

Keys of Success




Discuss online stores as an option from the first conversation

Raise your hand as someone with a solution when opportunities arise

Think outside the box and implement solutions to make it a reality


LongWeekend Sportswear has experienced 25% growth in sales over the last three years as a result of partnering with OMG. Online stores have created new sales opportunities for the LongWeekend Team. The company can now reach fans beyond the direct family of the students and athletes in their local community. School alumni, friends, and extended family from out of town can purchase fan gear and apparel to show their support. OMG online stores have also helped generate repeat business.

Before a local basketball Team’s holiday store had even closed, LongWeekend was already receiving requests for new limited edition items in preparation for the Team’s playoff season. The ease of creating stores, tracking orders, and receiving payments made OMG online stores a no-brainer for all types of accounts. LongWeekend now offers customized online stores to corporations for employee and incentive stores, servicing insurance companies, bars, resorts, oil companies, and nursing homes. With OMG, LongWeekend Sportswear has the tools they need to continue scaling sales and delivering positive customer experiences.

“When we talk to a new account, we bring up online stores as part of the initial conversation and they are always on board. I can’t remember the last time we did a paper order, and it has been a godsend.”

Tami Seifert
Vice President // LongWeekend Sportswear

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