Driving Stellar Customer Service Through Innovative Technology

By Hayley Bell on Oct 21, 2020


With OMG, I can process triple digit order quantities once a store closes in about the same time it used to take to process a single order
Frank Musumecci
Co-Founder // RM Unlimited

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RM Unlimited is a family-owned promotional product distributor that got started in 2017 when owner Frank Musumecci’s friend needed help finding a specific tote bag for an event. Frank recalled thinking “I don’t print bags, but I’m sure I could find one and get it done for you,” and RM Unlimited was born. Today, Frank and his Team focus on combining great customer service with innovative solutions to meet customer needs and drive revenue goals.


RM Unlimited was confronted with two specific challenges: streamlining labor-intensive projects and accurately forecasting product quantities needed to fulfill an order. Managing the payment, order, and fulfillment of various customer orders became incredibly detailed, and the nature of decorating so many orders led to inefficiencies and mistakes.

On top of that, Frank and his customers would do their best to pinpoint product quantities for their orders but would inevitably over- or underestimate quantities. In order to achieve RM Unlimited’s revenue and growth goals, Frank quickly realized his Team needed an efficient and simple solution to streamline their process.




Improvement in order processing efficiency

Zero inventory, zero waste

Fundraised for the school


When Frank discovered OMG, he commented that “it was an ‘aha!’ moment. I realized that it could make things super easy – how could you not do it?” The platform provided a competitive edge and allowed him to focus on service.

RM Unlimited streamlined the ordering process, improved order accuracy, simplified purchasing, minimized waste and costs from excess inventory, and generated awareness about their business. With OMG, RM Unlimited was able to increase their capacity to service more customers, and sharpen process efficiencies.

Keys of Success


Increase sales by creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity with store deadlines


Win bids by eliminating customer pain points and creating hassle-free experiences


Mimic customer buying habits and meet them where they are by offering an online store


RM Unlimited leveraged the online store technology to win a new school deal. Frank built an OMG online store to present to a local school and ask about their plans for homecoming sales. After seeing the online store, the school representative responsible for handling the orders was relieved and became Frank’s biggest advocate for implementing his innovative solution across the school. The school’s first online store sold over $10,000 in just a few days with only four products on the storefront.

Collecting orders with an online store made it easy for students, faculty, family, and alumni to show their school pride and support during homecoming week. Frank also attributes the pop-up model to creating a sense of urgency that added appeal and exclusivity, reducing complacency and leading to more orders. The success of that first store led to four more online pop-up stores in just four months, and has allowed RM Unlimited to raise over $6,000 for the school.

“Because the first store went so well, I’m looking ahead at the way I can approach commercial businesses, schools, organizations, and Teams, with the online store being front-of-mind. The OMG platform is a key differentiator for us”
Frank Musumecci
Co-Founder // RM Unlimited

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