Healing The Community with an Online Store

By Hayley Bell on April 10, 2020


“Our OMG store went nuts! People were sharing it and ordering, and on that first day, we realized how massive the reach was. If it wasn’t for OMG, we would have only raised a fraction of the funds we ended up raising and we would have had no way to manage all of the orders.”
Mike Yager
Founder, President & CEO // Spotlight

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Founded in 2007, Spotlight Sport & Corporate Wear is a promotional product and custom apparel company based in Humboldt, a small community in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Spotlight provides services to a variety of local teams, businesses, and organizations and has quickly become an award-winning Team, earning recognition as an ASI Counselor Fastest-Growing Distributor in 2019.


On a Friday evening in April 2018, the Humboldt Broncos Junior Hockey Team was in a tragic bus accident, causing the death of 16 people and injuring 13 more. The tragedy sent a shockwave through the small town, significantly impacting the immediate families of those involved in the accident, as well as the local community.

Mike and Shannon Yager were moved to action and desperately wanted to do something to support the community they loved. As the owners of Spotlight, they knew they could do one thing really well – print t-shirts.


Online Orders in 3 Weeks


Products Sold in 3 Weeks


Donated to the Victims’ Families


Mike and Shannon decided to set up an online pop-up store on the OMG platform to sell shirts as a fundraiser. The duo got to work designing a logo and shared the link to the online store on their Facebook page by lunchtime on Saturday.

Mike and Shannon expected to sell around 200 shirts with the goal of donating $4,000 to the victims’ families. However, within minutes of sharing their store on social media, the Spotlight Team had orders rolling in and by Saturday night they had already run out of ink.

Keys to Success


Limit the number of logo designs and product options to simplify fulfillment 


Communicate how much will be donated for every purchase

Go Online

Fundraise with online stores to make it simple for people to contribute to the cause


Thousands of orders started flowing in from across Canada and the U.S. The Spotlight Team worked around the clock to keep up. Seeing the outpour of local and international support prompted other businesses in the Humboldt community to rally around the Spotlight Team.

Suppliers kept them stocked up on ink, local restaurants made sure they were fed, volunteers assisted with printing and packaging, and a local courier provided free shipping for the orders. The Humboldt fundraising store reached thousands of people, uniting neighbors near and far in a time of need. With the help of their community, Spotlight raised over $300,000 to donate to the Humboldt Hockey Team and their families. “We set out to help 29 families,” Mike recalls. “But what we didn’t expect is that this fundraiser allowed thousands of people to go on their own journey of healing.”

“The OMG online store was a simple way for us to take orders, print receipts, and ship the orders back out. It really streamlined our process.”
Mike Yager
Founder, President & CEO // Spotlight

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