Modern Store Building Features

Build a sleek, custom online store in 15 minutes or less


Duplicate Online Stores OrderMyGear Feature

Duplicate Stores

Recreate stores with a single click, eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel (or the store!). By utilizing this feature, you are able to duplicate products, prices, fundraising and logos to save even more time on store building.


Verified Products Library OrderMyGear online stores

Verified Products Library

With instant access to over 60,000 Pre-loaded Verified Products in the platform (and growing!), eliminate the hassle of searching for and collecting product images, sizing charts, and descriptions. Benefit from the industry's only eCommerce provider with relationships with hundreds of brands and suppliers. 

Verified Products Library OrderMyGear online stores

OrderMyGear Simple Customization eCommerce



Simple Customization

Impress your customers with sleek online stores built around their needs and requests. Our flexible features allow you to customize branding, products and payment options in the modern and personalized way customers have come to expect.

Recommended Products

Increase cart volume by automatically recommending top products at checkout

Streamlined Reporting

Simplify fulfillment with accounting and order reports built specifically for group orders

Marketing & Communication

Spread the word by utilizing built-in email, social media, flyers, and other tools


Streamline fundraising for groups

Automatic Tax Calculator

Make taxes less taxing

Easy Image Editing

Mock up images directly in the platform

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