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Why Clients Want Online Stores

Clients have grown accustomed to ordering online in almost every facet of their lives and they are coming to expect it with their branded wearables, custom products and group orders. Online stores bring with it a simplicity, ease of ordering and modern experience that can improve the client buying experience, all while making order fulfillment and tracking easier on you. 


OrderMyGear is an eCommerce platform tailored for selling branded products and wearables, and we've never been in a better position to support your business with our custom online stores.


Simple Ordering Process

Group leaders can eliminate the hassle of chasing people down for orders or payment

Eliminate Need for Inventory

Save your clients from the inconvenience of inventory by fulfilling exact order amounts

Modern Experience

Delight clients with the online ordering experience they have grown to expect

Easy Store Building

Spend less time building online stores

Payment Flexibility

Offer gift cards, declining balances, coupons, and purchase orders

Customization Options

Offer personalization & branding on products

Group Access Portal Fundraiser

Group Access Portal

Enable clients to feel engaged with their store success and find answers to their own questions. Experience the industry's only Group Access Portal, which allows group leaders (like HR reps or organization leaders) to see limited store information such as amount fundraised, orders and store marketing capabilities. 

Company Medical online store ordering

Branding Control

Intuitive store building includes complete branding and theme control to build an entire online store specific to your client. Customize things like coloring, logos, banners, background images and themes, then watch clients get excited about seeing their branded items on their very own site!

Company Medical online store ordering
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Strengthen Client Relationships

Offer your clients a seamless online ordering experience for their branded products and apparel. Simplifying their ordering process by utilizing the industry-leading group eCommerce platform will continue to set you apart as a knowledgeable business professional who is able to meet their needs.

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